Age of Exploration

Welcome to the Broken Ocean

You and a crew of at least 50 other sailors have been hired on by Captain Salty Joe Cutlass to traverse the Broken Ocean. It’s near the end of the normal sailing season: this ship will probably be the last to leave Lindwurm Bay for many months. You barely made it here in time and you were desperate for passage, so you took a job as part of the “Land Crew” for the Albatross.

The ship looks old and weathered – clearly in need of some minor repair work (some of which was being done right now as you are all boarding). The whole crew was gathering on the main deck, waiting for the Captain to speak. When everyone was apparently on board, Captain Cutlass stood, straight-backed and rigid at the railing of the quarter deck and spoke with a commanding (slightly magic-enhanced) voice;

Crew. We are here to explore the ocean and map out as many of the Thousand Islands as possible. As you are all aware, The Crown is offering rewards for those of us sailors who discover new lands, foster relationships with natives, and bring glory to the empire. Some of you are anxious to leave port – and understandably so; there have been many ships that have already set sail this season, and you think that they may discover everything before we get out there! To this, I say do not fret. This exploration has been going on for a couple of seasons so far, and every indication says that there are many more lands to discover. Furthermore, there is a bit of a…secret weapon, so to speak, that we have access to that will lead us to undiscovered lands and mysterious treasures. Also, despite being the last ship out of port (‘and having a ship that is not perfectly in shape’ – he says under his breath, loud enough for most to hear), we have also been tasked, by the Crown, to hunt down an ancient artifact that is said to be hidden amongst the Thousand Islands.

If this sounds dangerous to you, then good. You’re sane. But, if you are worried and scared, please reconsider staying in port. You’ll be no use to us as a blubbering mass when everything goes sideways. I’m looking forward to our journey. Please find your bunks and make yourselves at home. Commander Fisher, my first mate, will be along presently to discuss your specific duties. Dismissed.

As the Captain stepped back, did a quick heel-turn, and headed to his cabin, a stern, but fresh-looking woman stepped into the Captain’s place (presumably Commander Fisher) and barked orders, answered questions, and basically organized the crew for the next hour.

Later that evening, the Albatross departed. Despite some of your reservations, this is what you’ve been planning for months, and you are excited (in your own way). From what you understand, you are tasked with being part of the Land Crew – the crew members specifically brought along to explore and traverse the islands that are found, while still allowing a full implement of Sailing Crew (in case something happens). Your first major task (besides daily chores) will be to retrieve one of two important crew members that have gone missing on a nearby island base – an alchemist and an artificer.


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